Present tax returns promptly and renew licenses immediately, Justice ministry orders public notaries


The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Somaliland yesterday, on 25-1-2023, issued a directive to all public notaries in the country to submit their tax returns duly.

They were also ordered to promptly renew their operating licenses.

The Ministry of Justice gave the orders as per Article 22 paragraph 2 of the Somaliland Public Notaries Act.

They were given a month to comply.

The directive read as follows:-

“The Ministry of Justice JSL is informing all the notaries in the country today on 25-1-2023 that they have paid the annual tax for notaries as per article 22 paragraph 2 of the Notaries Act No: 18/2001 to renew their notary licenses within a month from 25-1-2023 to 25-2-2023.

“We, therefore, urge them to renew their licenses as soon as possible, otherwise legal action will be taken against them.”


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