Information Minister underscores the importance of peaceful security and stability


By M.A. Egge

Somaliland Minister of Information Culture and Awareness, Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore, has stressed the need of upholding and maintaining peaceful stability while underpinning the fact that it was an onerous task expected of each and every citizen to safeguard.

He said that from heads of state to the common folks and street urchins, the rich and the poor alike, all and sundry cannot live freely and fend for themselves without having peaceful stability established

The minister expressed the sentiments while addressing a seminar held for local government councilors.

In underscoring the importance and prioritization of peaceful order in any communal setting, Hon. Koore pointed out that man and beast alike thrive in safety while safeguarding it in their own ways.

Saying that immediately after man feeds and is sheltered, he partakes to safeguard his surrounding for peaceful roosting just as animals perch themselves on trees or underground.

He emphasized the fact that maintaining peaceful stability was a responsibility that was perpetually incumbent upon every member of the society.


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