The state calls on the populace to uphold peaceful stability and shun division among them As the government terms opposition resolve not to recognize government as anarchic


By M.A. Egge

Following the opposition resolution of not recognizing the government of the day in the country at all, the government vehemently retorted that such a move was quite dangerous and tantamount to breeding anarchy hence has to be shunned completely.

Interior minister Hon Mohamed Kahin Ahmed told a press briefing that it was now explicit that the opposition fraternity was now on the onslaught to the nationhood of the country as per their implication of not acknowledging the essence of the statehood.
“Tonight it was clear that the two parties WADANI and UCID are not in opposition to the President of the Republic of Somaliland and his party, they are indeed in opposition to the Somaliland Nation as a whole by declaring that there was no government in place”, he said.
He noted that such a declaration was tantamount to meaning that there was no any government structure of the country in place.
The minister further said that already as he was speaking hooliganism was setting in some places that have been contained and suppressed by the security arms.
Recalling that the nation and its people have already been through a lot of trying moments and have already had their share of turbulences he reminded the populaces about the chaotic scenarios in the regions bordering the country.
He said, “We have been through enough conflict and we are seeing the chaos in the regions around us, so the safety of our people is indebted upon you as a people”, and added, “Where there is a nation, there is a government, there is life, there is business, and politics are contested and every term a leader is chosen”.
Minister Kahin accused the opposition parties of denying the country’s integral sovereignty and appealed to Somalilanders to maintain peaceful stability by calling upon them not to fall into the trap of insurgency being fueled by the oppositionists who are agitating chaos.


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