The VP participates in the 111th Anniversary of Taiwan’s Independence Day


Emulate Taiwan’s steadfastness as concerns national aspirations, he says

THT- The Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Sayli’i) called on the nation of Somaliland to emulate Taiwanese steadfastness in their national aspirations for the long-term resilience in going strong 111 years later still waiting for the world to recognize and build their country and people.

In a widely organized event attended by members of the Council of Ministers, diplomats, and many guests held in Hargeisa, the VP congratulated the people and the government of Taiwan on the 111th anniversary of Taiwan’s Independence Day.

He said that Somaliland and Taiwan have a valuable relationship, and that they share issues such as the democratic process, stability and protection of human rights, and will strengthen them together.

H.E. Seyli’i said that the government appreciates the support of various parties from Taiwan to Somaliland.

He said, “Somaliland opposes anything that violates the honor and sovereignty of Taiwan.”

He said that they praise Taiwan for its long-term persistence of 111 years in seeking to become a member of the United Nations.

“Somaliland should imitate Taiwan’s persistence as long as they are still seeking to be recognized by the world”, he said, and added, “We need to build our country and our people and imitate the good friend we had in Taiwan.

On the other hand Amb. Allen Lou who spoke on the occasion said that Taiwan and Somaliland were born free and will live in freedom and underpinned the fact that democracy must protect the values ​​of freedom.


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