Student Welcomed at Presidential Palace Advices Citizens to Trust their Country


THT-A student whose sentiments went viral online finally got her wish and was ushered into Hargeisa presidential palace. The young girl known as Miss. Asma Mohamud Jama requested the country youth to take part in building of their country, despite of challenges they may encounter. Miss Asma told the youth to work hard for tomorrow they will become leaders.

The teenager was received at the presidential palace by the Director General in the office of the president Mr.Mohamed Abdi Bile.

Speaking at the presidency the Director General Mr. Mohamed stated that Asma showed patriotism when she travelled all the way from Burao to welcome the Head of State H.E Musa Bihi Abdi who was returning from a trip in America.

The DG said he listened to the clip online where by Miss Asma talked about importance of patriotism in national building and was really touched with her eloquence of the Somali language.

Talking to journalist at the event Miss Asma said she had never dreamt to visit the presidential palace.

Asma said she was elated to be at the presidential palace. She thanked the president and the DG for their consideration. Miss Asma urged youths in the nation to believe in their country. She added that one day her wish is to sit next to the president.


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