New Political Association WAABERI established throughout the country


Most association councils will be led by young, educated men and women, Chairman Abdirizaq Atash

THT-The Somaliland Peace and Unity Organization (WABERI), a new political association, was formed in all six regions and districts of the country on Thursday, March 31, 2022, with high-profile ceremonies held.

The grand opening ceremony of the new WABERI Association was held in the capital city of Hargeisa and was attended by founding members, national party politicians, intellectuals, women and youth and many distinguished guests. Different guest who spoke equally acknowledged that WABERI’s birth has been felt at the Somaliland political arena, and its process of formation once throughout the country, caused jealousy to all newly formed association and three existing national parties.

Chairman of WABERI Association Hon. Abdirizak Ibrahim Mohamed (Atash), former Minister of Transport and Road Development and founder of the new WABERI political party said they want the nation to move away from tribalism and segregation, and achieve unity, justice, prosperity and co-ownership.

Hon Atash, who was explaining the reasons for the establishment of WABERI and its objectives, said that the patriotic aspirations that have been recurring in the minds of the Somaliland community in recent years, was reaching a better Somaliland than as its today.

He said the Somali people have made it a tradition to look everything on tribalism, and tribalism, as the latte poet Abdillahi sultan Tima’ade stated, ends in collapse.

Hon. Atash said WABERI is planning to facilitate the country’s young men and women academics to lead government, and to have adults as advisers and mentors. He stated that WABERI’s “Councils will be mostly led by young and educated men and women” said Hon. Abdirizak Atash, WABERI Chairman.

He congratulated the Supreme Court and the National Assemblies for opening new organizations every 10 years, to give young people the opportunity to add new blood to Somaliland’s democratic process.

The formation announcement for of the new political association WABERI which took place in one day in all six regions of the country and its environs, witnessed all the guests who spoke at various events express their optimism about its future and pledged that he would play a significant role on the anticipated elections for National Associations and parties, and subsequent ones.

Watch here main event in Hargeisa.



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