“Taxpayer’s Care & Respect is the first Priority of Finance Ministry & Nation” Director General Mr Gurhan


THT-The Director General of the Ministry of Finance Development Mr Mohamed Abdi Gurhan urged Tax protection officers to learn caring & respecting taxpayers, when speaking a training held to learn customer care relations lessons.

Deputy Director of Inland Revenue Mr. Khadar Mohamed Muhumed (Khadar Laas) and Commander of the Tax Protection force Gen. Osman Hashi Dahir, who spoke at the event, spoke in depth the importance of the training and they urged the participants to apply knowledge gained to their work.

The Director General of Finance, Mr. Gurhan, in his remarks urged Somaliland Tax Protection officers to treat the taxpayer well, as it is of great importance to the Ministry of Finance and the National Assembly – as the taxpayer’s respect and care is the first priority of the Finance Ministry and nation.

He also assured participants that the Ministry of Finance will work hard to improve the knowledge of the tax protection officers so that they are aware of the types of taxes and tax knowledge.

Ministry of Development Finance has recently taken great stride toward raising know-how of taxation staff and that of tax protection force.


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