Tax officials instructed to welcome taxpayers


THT-Director General of the Ministry of Finance Development JSL Md. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan, who opened a training for officials from the Inland Revenue offices in Marodijeh Region, has urged them to have a positive and welcoming relationship with the community and taxpayers.

A three-day training course taught local revenue officers (C / Berriga) on customer care (taxpayer) and community relations, in order Somaliland taxpayers can receive efficient and quality services, is an important factor that builds understanding ministry of finance and community at large together shares.
Director General of the Ministry of Finance Development JSL Md. Gurhan told the tax official’s that it is important to have good relationship with public especially the taxpayers they serve, and that is important goal of the Ministry of Finance need to implement.

Similar training will be provided to all staff of the Tax Offices and the Tax Protection Forces in all regions and districts of Somaliland.

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Somaliland, is one of the largest interact with the public, to expand, the ministry’s ajenda to that goal the 2021 budget will be given priority.
Improving the behavior of revenue officers and tax protection force, as well as providing additional training and awareness courses, while incentivesation and having accountability process will continue. Taxpayer training both directly and indirectly will be implemented.


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