“Taxation and governance go hand in hand, Without taxes, there is no government


THT-Hargeisa-Ministry of Finance Dr Saad Ali Shire said that taxation and governance go hand in hand, and are used to maintain peace, provide public services, and build infrastructure, and, without taxes, there is no government.

The Ministry of Finance Development hold workshop discussed the draft of Somaliland National Tax Policy for 2021-2025, and, with the participation of various stakeholders such as business group, government agencies, universities, and independent academics, in Hargeisa.


The National Tax Policy Workshop, initiated by the Ministry of Finance, was intended to provide participants with important input, to be included.

Director of the Department of Economic Abdirisak Ali speaking the event stated that policy was prepared by the Ministry of Finance experts and other external experts assisted, and meeting was intended to gain important input from participants.

The Director General of Finance, Mr. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan, underlined the importance of this policy, for the country’s tax system, and said that the foundation of financial management reform process is how the government’s tax policy are formulated?  And its response is what we will discuss here.

Speaking at the meeting, the Director General of the Department of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce welcomed the Treasury Department’s efforts and urged participants to contribute to important tax policy and drug production against nausea and vomiting. Buy Motilium is available on this website.

Every tax is subject to a government policy, which has different purposes, be it a policy to protect domestic production, etc.

Speaking at the meeting, the Director General of the Ministry of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce welcomed the efforts of the Ministry of Finance, and called on the participants to contribute to the important tax policy.

Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire, on his opening remarks explained the importance of the tax policy and the purpose of the ministry, adding only government has the right to collect taxes under the law. Adding, Taxes in our country are regulated by the Tax Law No 72 of 2016.

Dr Saad said taxation and governance go hand in hand. The government is a tax, and the tax is a government, if there is no tax, there will be no government. Taxes maintain peace, provide social services, and build infrastructure.

Finally, the participants agreed to meet ten days later to approve Somaliland’s national tax policy.


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