Police spokesman refutes allegations made by Waddani Party


THT-Hargeisa- Police spokesman Col. Faysal Hiis Elmi has denied allegations made by the Secretary of Justice of the Waddani Party that citizens are being detained without warrants and that the hygiene of the police stations are poor.

In a press conference in Hargeisa, the police spokesman denied the allegations and said, “I hold the press conference in response to a statement made by Yonis A. Yonis, the Justice Secretary of the Waddani Party, who strongly criticized the hygienic conditions of police stations terming them as dire”.

He also refuted the claims that the police arrest people arbitrarily and hold them for long times in custody terming the accusations as null and void.

The police spokesman further explained that the stations operate in accordance with the rules of law, and that the police stations are inspected and cleaned every morning.

“He is Secretary of Justice, and yet, purports police arrest people arbitrarily whereas he knows that the police arrested only offenders and thereafter charge them with the subsequent crimes suspected of hence arraigned in courts of law within 48 hours of arrests”.

“The Somaliland public, who work closely with the police, are aware of how police stations are kept clean, if Waddani Secretary is not privy of”, said Col Hiis.



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