“I have presented to the Taiwan business community the investment opportunity in Somaliland.” Ambassador Mohamed Omar H. Mohamoud


Amb Mohamed urged Students to take advantage 2021 Taiwan Scholarships  

Taipei – Rep of Somaliland ambassador to Taiwan Mohamed Omar Haji Mohamoud urged students to take advantage 2021 Taiwan scholarships, adding, that the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) ready to help Taiwan companies understand the economic and trade potential of Somaliland.

Speaking at the Taipei 2021 Building Exhibition, invited Somaliland’s Ambassador to Taiwan Mohamed, he presented the rich natural resources, such as agriculture, livestock, minerals, oil, tourism and investment opportunities in Somaliland.

Ambassador Mohamed also stated that the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) ready to help Taiwanese companies understand Somaliland’s economic and trade potential, according to a message posted on his Twitter account yesterday. ;

“I am grateful to be invited a luncheon by the Chairman of TAITRA, James Huang and his colleagues. I have presented Taiwanese Businessmen Investment Opportunity in Somaliland … The Taiwan External Trade Development Council  (TIATRA) will also help Taiwanese companies understand Somaliland economically and commercially.


The three-day Taipei 2021 exhibition, were Somaliland also showcased overall info relate investment opportunities, was attended by 500 companies and showcased 6,000 people.


Meanwhile, Ambassador Mohamed urged to all Somaliland students, who are interested in studying abroad, to take advantage from the Taiwan 2021 scholarships, their proposal submission starts from January to March.


More details can be found Facebook page of the Republic of Somaliland in Taiwan.



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