International Human Rights Day commemorated in Hargeisa


THT-Hargeisa- Commemoration of International Human Rights Day 10th December, organized by the Somaliland National Human Rights Commission was held in Hargeisa today, in a ceremony attended by the Vice President of Somaliland Mr. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Saylici), Minister of Family and Social Affairs Hinda Jama Hirsi (Gani), Attorney General Hassan Ahmed Aden, Deputy Chairman of the Somaliland Refugee and Displacement Commission, Taiwanese Ambassador to Somaliland, Directors, Party Leaders National and many other dignitaries.

Speaking on the occasion, the Director General of the National Human Rights Commission, Abdisamad Sa’ad, described the Commission’s achievements in the field of human rights, saying, “Today is International Human Rights Day. We are here to raise awareness among the government and the community recognizing the importance of protecting human rights. ”

“The commission is a national body established by Law No. 39/2010, which mandates the protection, supervision and monitoring of human rights,” he said, adding during ending year the commission inspected all police stations and prisons in the country, supervised country’s justice system and has made reports on the rights of vulnerable people, such as women, children, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities and IDPs settlements. ”

Director Abdisamad Sa’ad also added, “This year the Commission has received 110 complaints and all of them have been dealt with by the Commission, whether it is Legal Aid, Advice, Correction and whatever they need  “This year, the commission has been able to open offices in Awdal, Togdheer, Sool and Sahil regions,  with the aim people of the regions be provided with the services provided by the Commission and got the right to raise awareness and a place to complain about human rights abuse. ”


“We as a party support you and we will work with you.” said the UCID vice-chairman, who also spoke at the event, pledging his party’s support to the National Human Rights Commission. We are with you .. ”

Secretary General of WADDANI Party Khadar Hussein Abdi who also spoke the event underlined their confidence in the work of the National Human Rights Commission “I want to say here that we have full confidence in this Commission (National Human Rights) so far their work … “he said


Somaliland’s Attorney General Hassan Ahmed Aden, who also addressed the commemoration of Human Rights Day, said any citizens arrested should be brought to justice within 48 hours and denied allegation that police holds detainees for more than 48 hours.


The Director General of the Ministry of Co-ordination of Councils and the Constitution Jamal Abdi Muse also said that the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland guarantees the rights of the people of Somaliland “The word RIGHTS has been repeated 18 times in the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland, indicating that your Constitution is a good guarantee of human rights. .. “he said.

MP Abdikadir Mohamed Hassan (Indho-indho) also sent a political message to the international community, and called on the international community to give Somaliland its due.”

The Minister of Social Affairs, Employment and Family Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland Ms. Hindi Jama Hirsi (Gani) who also spoke at the event suggested law that will protect the rights of girls and boys who are being abused, both boys and girls should be enacted.””said the Minister of Social Affairs of Somaliland.

The event was also addressed by Members of Civil Society Organizations, the Commission for Internally Displaced Persons, the Media and the Disabled who praised the efforts of the National Human Rights Commission, and said they stood by its efforts to find a country free from oppression. .

The chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Mohamed Barud Ali, who also addressed the gathering, stated God said in the Qur’an, ‘We have honored human beings’, but he did not say, ‘We have honored men,’ so equal treatment for men and women and the protection of women and children are important.”

“”Every rapist should know that the victim is like his sister, mother, daughter or wife.”

Somaliland Vice President Md. Abdirahman (Saylaci) who concluded the event, said: “Every nation that office is equal to the right-soorkeedu is one of human rights.”

“We have to stand by anyone who is vulnerable and anyone who lacks rights. Human Rights Commission are ready to carry out the task assigned to him.”

VP Saylaci praised the efforts of the Chairman of the Commission of Human Rights, “SLNHRC was founded 10 years ago, during Chairman Mohamed tenure, they have taken great and courageous steps, because Mohamed have been the victim of his personal ideology,” he added.

International Human Rights Day, annually commemoration begin on December 10, 1948, is 75 years old.


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