Adadlay residents select their choices for parliamentary and civic elections candidature


THT-Adadley – A conference of the Qasim Issahaq clan held in Adadley District has unanimously selected two preferred choice as candidates who will represent them for the upcoming elections of House of Representatives and local councils, namely Mohamed Said Ismail and Yasin Omar Abdi respectively.

The conference was addressed by traditional and religious leaders, intellectuals, scholars and youth leaders.  Sultan Mohamoud Abdi who spoke at the venue stated that the community conference, which was held for several days, discussed the interests of the community, and at the end agreed upon seven points, which they spelt out in a communique:

-Protecting the unity and solidarity of the Somaliland people,

-Developing and protecting the community environment,

-developing harmonious relations between the community and their adjacent communities,

-Improving the health infrastructures and the well-being of the community,

-Strengthening and enhancing education,

-Developing political role of the community, and finally

– the conference nominated their preferred candidates for the House of Representatives and local councils in the upcoming elections, namely Messrs. Mohamed Said Ismail and Yasin Cumar Cabdi respectively.

Selected candidates for Representative and Council elections Said Mohamed Ismail and Yasin Cumar Cabdi respectively.

Sultan Mohamoud reiterated to his people and other communities that the Qasim community exclusively selected only the said two candidates.

“I am informing my fellow people and other communities that Qasim selected only these two candidates to represent for the upcoming election”.

Other intellectuals who spoke at the venue suggested selected candidates to fulfill their responsibilities, and called on the public that only these candidates selected.

“Only these two candidates have been selected by the scholars Sultans, Aqils, scholars, religious and youth leaders of Qasim community.”

Speaking at the conference, politician Abdillahi Jama Osman (Geeljire) stated reason incorporated all parties and and sub-clans.

“We have brought the parties and the clans together. The parties are the means by which candidates reaching their destination and clans needed a universally accepted selection. So every community was required to participate for the good of/and nation building”.

Speaking at the conference, Ugas Hussein Geele Abokor said the candidates selected by the clan were needed to fortify unity from the lowest to the highest at the national level.

“We have chosen you to unite this community, unite with us the adjacent communities, until you reach the whole of Somaliland”.

In conclusion, the two candidates selected by the Qasim Clan for the House of Representatives and local elections, Said Mohamed Ismail and Yasin Omar Abdi, thanked other candidates who sacrificed their ambitions by withdrawing from the contention.

“I wholeheartedly thank our brothers who facilitated and have sacrificed their political ambitions, one by one, and I say thank you. I will strife making the House of Representatives institution working for the good of the people, the country and the religion, and promise to work towards those goals.” Said Saeed Mohamed Ismail, the proposed candidate for the House of Representatives.

Yassin Omar Abdi, the proposed candidate for the local council, added on his part,

“I prayed Allah to grant me success in this position that  I am vying for  hence I promise to be a transformative candidate for the good of the capital”.

By M.A. Egge & M. Walaaleye




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