Dispute over Authority to Select Alleged Somaliland Representatives in the Somalia Parliament Escalate


THT-As PM appoints selection committee Speaker of parliament says that a central government role would undermine the independence of the voting process

The Federal Government of Somalia and legislators continue to battle over authority to select persons presumably representing Somaliland in the war-torn country’s parliament during the forthcoming elections cum selections in Mogadishu

According to  the  Speaker of Somalia’s upper house of parliament, Abdi Hashi Abdullahi “ Villa Somalia operatives are  attempting  to  rig  forthcoming election more so as relates to selection of alleged Members of parliament representing Somaliland in order to facilitate votes for embattled President Farmajo in the 2020-21 polls.

An official letter from the speaker of Somalia’s upper house of parliament made it clear that he will not allow the government to play a role in selecting representatives for the Somaliland administration.

Abdi Hashi Abdullahi, who issued a two-page statement, last Sunday, revealed that a central government role would undermine the independence of the voting process.

“Farmajo who is running for reelection/selection wants to rig himself in by ensuring votes from Somaliland representatives” said the speaker adding that it was parliament’s constitutional duty to appoint selection committees and not Villa Somalia

The president who took a week to respond had his appointee the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble  appoint a committee to oversee the election of members of both Houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia allegedly representing  Somaliland.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, named an 11-member Electoral Commission in consultation with politicians from Somaliland for purposes of establishing a list of those to be select representatives.

The members nominated by Prime Minister Roble are: –

1 – Khadar Harir Hussein

2 – Sundus Ibrahim Aali

3 – Ahmed Dahir Hassan

4 – Mohamed Abdullahi Jirde

5 – Abdirahman Osman Adan

6 – Zamzam Mohamed Farah

7 – Najib Hussein Samale

8 – Khadar Abdalle Adan

9 – Zeinab Ismail Hassan

10 – Ifraa Omar Duale

11 – Umayma Abdullahi Isse

Somalia PM of the Mohamed Hussein Roble appointed a committee to oversee the election of members of both Houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia allegedly representing Somaliland

While this committee sets the dispute between Villa Somalia and legislators further the issue of Somaliland being part and parcel of elections in Mogadishu remains ambiguous since this are two separate countries.

In Somaliland which withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia three decades ago any of her citizens who owes allegiance to the Somalia Federal Government and any other governance agencies is considered a traitor.

With Somaliland warning on several times insinuation of its association with the international community fronted elections/selection in Mogadishu a recent warning by a Somalia politician is suffice to show the divide.

In mid-October this year Former governor of Benadir region Adde Gabow attacked alleged Somaliland lawmakers in the Somalia parliament ordering them to get out of Mogadishu and return to their home

Addressing the press in Mogadishu Adde Gabow said , “whether we like it or not we are two separate countries since Somaliland was a British protectorate and Somalia an Italian colony” adding that the alleged Parliamentarians Representing Somaliland in Mogadishu are a political liability thus unwanted.

Acknowledging that Somaliland officials in Hargeisa have repeatedly declare their objection to their self-seeking citizens in Mogadishu , the politician said “ I am sending a message to the people of Somaliland, Yesterday (read recently) you declared separation from us so don’t be foolish and repeat the same again now , 30 years later

Stressing that negotiation between the two countries future relations are yet to be settled the former civic leader said “until our relations are settled you are not wanted here”

Pointing to the fallacy by some that there are clans in Somaliland that owe allegiance to Somalia he went on to say that “We will not allow Somaliland parliamentarians to be elected in Mogadishu, regardless of their region of origin,” he added.

Though he was vehement in his objection of the self-seekers the ex-Mogadishu Mayor opinionated that an official nomination by Hargeisa is acceptable “If president Muse Bihi allows the election of Somaliland parliamentarians in Mogadishu, let him send a delegation, otherwise there will be no Somaliland parliamentarians elected in Mogadishu.”

Somalia politician Adde Gabow says Mogadishu is out of bounds for traitorous citizens of Somaliland ahead of elections

Wondering why the alleged MPs Representing Somaliland are not satisfied with their own land or take pride in it, politician Adde Gabow Concluded by stating that Xamar (Mogadishu) belongs to the Hawiye Clan and the only way that the hypocrite s from Somaliland shall be allowed further stay is only if they are officially brought by their head of state Muse Bihi Abdi.

Such sentiments coupled with the clash between Villa Somalia and speaker of parliament is sweet music in the ears of many Somalilanders as well as their government which considers those now being chased out of Mogadishu as TRAITORS

The Somalia Legislative elections will take place on December 1 and 27, 2020, followed by presidential elections on February 8, 2021.

This comes in the wake of new consensus on election modalities agreed upon by the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), federal member states and political parties, which ended “Somalia’s manmade electoral crisis” and delightfully forestalled a dual constitutional and political crisis.

Somalia has shelved the one-person-one vote, upholding the existing clan-based system where delegates from clans elect 275 MPs of the lower house, who in turn elect the president.


Somalia PM letter appointing committee

By Yusuf M. Hassan


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