Minister of Energy detailed Somaliland’s Energy way forwards at National Development Summit.


THT-Ministry of Energy and Minerals Hon. Jama H. Mohamoud Egal, who participated at Ambassador Hotel National Development Summit, spoke his ministry’s plan toward the issue, and how government leading Pres Musa Bihi priorities extracting countries resources and Somaliland’s energy way forwards.

“The Ministry of Energy for the first time made regulating policy for the electricity of the country. It has also drafted the national electricity act which is NOW ready for approval” Said the Minister of Energy Hon Jama H. Egal.

Hon Jama detailed different tasks his ministry is pursuing, whether on oil exploration, mining and getting cheap, affordable and clean energy Somaliland people get.

On the other hand, Mr. Abdifatah, Director of Planning at MoEM presented an outstanding NDPII Energy Progress Report at during two days SLNDS2020 at Ambassador Hotel.

Panel discussion was enormously interesting, and were asked questions on energy’s current accessibility, affordability and reliability and the challenges limiting sector’s absolute development. Also, questions on Somaliland’s energy way forwards were raised and answered.


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