Somaliland: EU Ambassador Nicolas Berlanga-Martinez visits the University of Hargeisa

THT-The EU Ambassador Nicolas Berlanga-Martinez had a fruitful meeting with the University of Hargeisa management including the president. Earlier this year, with the help of the EU Ambassador, the University of Hargeisa became a partner with Granada University in Spain under the Erasmus Mundus Partnership Program.
This partnership will allow the two Universities to exchange students and staff, also conduct joint researches. The students of the University of Hargeisa will take some of their semesters at Granada University in Spain and so the students of Granada University will be allowed to do the same. The two Universities will also exchange staff each year, this will allow the two parties to share knowledge, skill, and experience.
Two in thirty applicants from the University of Hargeisa succeeded to get the Erasmus+ Joint Masters Scholarship Program in the previous year, and the University, as well as the EU, expect the number of successful applicants to increase this year.
The University also created good cooperation with the Chevening Scholarship Program. Starting from this year, at least seven 7 of the Chevening scholarship applicants from the University of Hargeisa will be considered to get the scholarship. This will allow University graduates to get further knowledge and experience.
The Ambassador also met with the University Honors of this year. He explained to them the advantages of the Erasmus Joint Master’s Program and encouraged all of the Students particularly the females to benefit from this valuable opportunity.
The University with the facilitation of the Ministry of Education and Science and Save the Children held an information session the last October and will hold the same session this October to help the interested graduates and seniors understand the application process and the program as a whole.
All graduates and seniors are strongly encouraged to apply the Erasmus+ Joint Masters Programs and the Chevening Scholarship program for international students this year.


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