Somaliland: Innovative Youths Manufacture Tiles from Recycled Plastic Waste

Suleiman Ali Ahmed, and Jim'ale Abdi Farah are turning garbage numerous building materials specifically marbles-tiles

THT: Two young Somalilanders Suleiman Ali Ahmed, and Jim’ale Abdi Farah are turning garbage numerous building materials specifically marbles-tiles from their fledgling open air factory in Hargeisa.

The two young innovators who are graduates from both local and foreign universities are now being acknowledged as having surpassed the quest for minimal employment in the country by not only creating their own but gradually becoming employers themselves.

From collecting the necessary plastic materials from garbage dumps in Hargeisa to manufacturing assorted plastic oriented materials for the local market the two youths are now proud proprietors of the Somaliland plastic Ventures Company which is legally registered in the country.

This writer who visited their open air factory observed that the garbage is recycled by fire made hot through some locally assembled feet driven tools.

“When we started many people including some of our relatives said we were crazy” said Jim’ale Abdi Farah adding that this opinion faded after they proved the skeptics wrong

According to his colleague Suleiman Ali Ahmed the duo endured many strenuous circumstances, among them lack of equipment, finances and market before attaining current status of gradual success thence acceptance of their products by consumers.

In this venture which has not only availed the duo means of livelihoods, created jobs and helped protect the environment the proprietors want their initiative to be availed support by both  the Somaliland government and business community

“Since the public and the government understand the risk posed to the environment by haphazardly disposed plastic   bags and other plastics materials our factory which is now marbles sub-contractor to major building contractors in Hargeisa should be supported at the national and local levels” urge the two youthful innovators

At the same time the improvement of this venture shall be an impetus to many graduates in the country who have missed employment opportunities thence   now idle to emulate and become self employed. This will also militate against ever increasing drug abuse (Alcohol and cannabis sativa; Hashish by local youths all over the country.

“If we never came up with the plastic venture idea I believe both of us would be indulging in drug abuse as a means of escaping frustrations of having a university degree but no job” says Jim’ale Abdi Farah


Zakariye and Jim’ale have worked hard to make the country’s worst environmental waste, plastic bags and bottle containers  , into high-quality and better building materials than the  imported ones ,not to mention at a cheaper price

“We need support from the community, we also need financial support, to increase our production and produce enough for the market, since what we are missing and the challenge that we are facing  is  lack of production materials such as grills, barrels, renewable energy , among others ” says Zakariye

Jim’ale Abdi Farah pointed out that they have not been able to produce it as much as the community has demanded due to the limited resources they use

Jim’ale also said that the new initiative has created jobs for street children. “These shoes are brought to us by street children, we have created jobs for them and we do not pay for them,” he said. “When we fill it up, we fry it. After the plastic and plastic bags have turned into water, we mix them with sand and we filter them and then we put them in a container and we produce them occasionally.”

“These bags and plastic and rubbish are the ones we make from time to time. These plastic and rubbish are dangerous to human health, animal health, and the environment. Said Jim’ale Abdi Farah, one of the founders of Plant Venture.

Zakariye and Jim’ale have jointly appealed to the various branches of the Somaliland government: “We are appealing to the local government as the location we are in and we are doing it once the land is rented and we are producing it more often, to save the country from the spread of hashish and to change it from time to time, so we respectfully and respectfully request the local government of Hargeisa to give us land to build offices and a place to continue. Future plans for this young plant.

We urge the Ministries of Investment, Trade and Industry, Environment, and all those who want to invest in us to join us, as we are creative young people who need investment and financial capacity to support us in any way they can. We support the President of the Republic of Somaliland, His Excellency Muse Bihi Abdi, and we urge him to do his utmost to make our ambitions a reality. ”

Knot and concluding remarks Creativity youth is required subsidies, the market and the clients, and to get into the industry in the future upon.

By Khadar Mohamed for



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