Somaliland Congratulates the USA on its 244th Anniversary of Independence

President Bihi Extebds Somaliland citizens Congratulations to the USA on its 244 anniversary of Indepedence

The Republic of Somaliland extends its sincere congratulations to the people and government of the USA on their Independence Day. SL & US share common values & struggle for freedom. We wish all Americans to enjoy the glory of freedom in many years to come.

The  congratulations to the USA which is commemorating  its 244th anniversary of independence was extended by president Muse Bihi Abdi in his official twitter account @musebiihi, ahead of a statement released by the presidential spokesperson that read

Quote- The President of the Republic of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi congratulates the United States and its people on the eve of independence anniversary.

“on behalf of the people and government of the Republic of Somaliland, I extend a congratulatory message to the United States on the 244th anniversary of the liberation of that country attained from the United Kingdom 04 July-1776.

“Our two countries share a history of independence with Somaliland having achieved its self-rule from the United Kingdom in 1960 in which your country was the first to extend congratulations through Mr. Cristian Archibald Herter the then governor of Massachusetts and later secretary of state of the United States”

Once again accept our congratulations to the American people and nation for the occasion of your 244-year-old independence and wishes of success now and in the future-Unquote

Somaliland celebrated its 60th anniversary of its 26th June 1960 independence from Great Britain and though it was recognized by the five permanent members of the United nations the country which entered into a voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia a former Italian colony to its south-east is currently pursuing international recognition three decades after reclaiming its sovereignty.

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Official Statement


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