Hands washing message well adopted in the rural areas


THT-Washing hands messages disseminated country-wide has so far reached the intended areas and have been adopted well throughout Somaliland’s rural populace as seen depicted in the picture seen above of the elderly man washing hands from an improvised can at an undisclosed point in the country.

The Somaliland National Preparedness Committee for COVID 19 while stepping up their chores through their constant bulletin updates have revealed that they have acquired the Covid-19 diagnostic lab equipments which has already arrived in the country hence trained technical professionals who have read began their assignment.

On the other hand the Ministry of Transportation and Road Development has facilitated the National Preparedness for COVID 19 committee with 62 vehicles collected from different governmental agencies to be dispatched throughout the country for awareness mobilization.

Current update for Somaliland regarding Covid 19 malaise still stands at 2 confirmed cases.

Mohamoud Walaaleye


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