Somaliland, World Bank in US$ 10m Deal to Upgrade Civil Service


bankaBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Nairobi—A high level SL Ministerial delegation led by Dr. Saad Ali Shire, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation met with World Bank officials in Nairobi, Kenya on Friday whereby they signed a five year  Somaliland’s civil servants Reform project which includes funding from both the World Bank and non-bank sources in US$ 10 Million grant.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation briefing the press moments after the signing ceremony said, “The goal of the Somaliland’s civil servants project is meant to enhance the quality of life of the people on a sustainable basis by creating a competent, professional Civil Service workforce that will be responsive, effective, and efficient in achieving the objectives of the National Development Plan.’

“The objective is to develop a professional and adequately compensated Civil Service that effectively and efficiently delivers high quality services to the people aimed at improving and sustaining their quality of life,’ stated  Dr. Saad Ali Shire.

Dr. Saad Ali Shire on behalf of the people and government of Somaliland thanked the World Bank group for the continued support of the various development projects in country.

Also present during the signing ceremony were Mr. Mohamed Mihile Boqorre, Head of the Civil Service Commission, Hon. Abdi Dahir Amuud, Deputy Minister of National Planning, Ambassador Keysar Abdullahi , Mr. Guled Saleban Hagoog, Chairman of Civil Service Training Institute, among others

The Project Structures:

– The Government Administration Act Bill which clarifies mandates – cleared by the Cabinet.

– Training Needs Assessment of 6 Ministries and Functional Review of 4 institutions was conducted by CSC and Good Governance Commission respectively, supported by UNDP.

– The World Bank also did Functional Review of two Ministries; Ministry of Environment, & Ministry of Fishery: used for SDF programming.

Somaliland’s civil servants characterized mostly as:

  • Overstaffed,
  • Over aged staff,
  • Unskilled,
  • Inexperienced,
  • Poorly equipped,
  • Poorly resourced, and suffer from low morale arising, amongst other, from poor remuneration and terms and conditions of service.


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