SL-Ethiopia agreement is a milestone event


fffOn the other hand we hail the government for reaching a formal agreement with our worthy Ethiopian neighbor on the official use of our Berbera port as one of her gateways for importation of her goods.

The move, well put by Amb. Aden as a historic event whose idea was mooted over a century ago, is indeed a dream come true for the peoples of both countries.

Better still, the Ethiopian rep at the signing put it in an even better phrase.

Mr. Mekonnen said that the important aspect of the historic moment was to put the agreement in motion, thus, to implement it.

We, as all patriots in the country, should not only be joyous at this moment but to support the government to see to it that the populations of both countries reap maximum benefits.

The fruits of the agreement, as all informed acknowledge, are for the positive economical aspects to and for both countries.

This is, but a manner, of recognition, as excellently put by our minister of commerce Hon. Eng. Hussein over a month ago at the function of the laying of the cornerstone of the Ethiopian Berbera Port Yard.




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