Ministry of Agriculture Officials Inspect farms devastated by recent rain in Awdal region


By Goth Mohamed Goth
Top Ministry of Agriculture officials led Dr. Mohamed Aw Dahir Ibrahim Minister of Agriculture have concluded inspection tour of farms devastated by recent rain in Awdal region.
The Minister of Agriculture briefing the press said, “During our trip to Awdal region we visited farmers whose crops were destroyed by the recent rains in Habaas, Eel Bahay , Daraya Dheere , Laamalooshka, Qoloocan, Walaago and Hoogacadcad districts.
Dr. Mohamed Aw Dahir Ibrahim, Minister of Agriculture further stated, “During our visit to farms in Habaas districts, we witnessed the devastation caused by recent rains which washed away the crops and water wells destroyed, in Daraya Dheere districts irrigation canals were destroyed.
“We also inspected during our visit agriculture development projects which have being initiated by Welthungerhilfe Agro Action (GAA), a German aid agency in cooperation with local partner organisations in Awdal”, he added.
Minister of Agriculture went on to say, “Welthungerhilfe Agro Action (GAA), a German aid agency has pledged to assist farmers affected by the recent rains.
The Minister of Agriculture was during the tour accompanied by Mr. Abdillahi Ismael Farah , the Director General in the Ministry of Agriculture , Action Aid head of projects and Ministry of Agriculture regional coordinator.


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