Ethiopia and Somaliland officials conclude Two Days Security and Trade Meeting held in Dhagah Buur


cccBy Goth Mohamed Goth

DhagahBur— A two-day meeting on security and trade cooperation between regions of Somaliland and the Somalia region in Ethiopia that have borders concluded in Dhagah Buur yesterday.

Regional governors of Togder, Daad Madheed from Somaliland and that of Jarar region in Somalia region in Ethiopia attended the summit. Regional police chiefs and immigration departments were in attendance.

The meeting was aimed to consolidate the security cooperation between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

There are cross-border crimes that both countries cooperate in order to enhance security collaboration.

The first priority was given to national security, stability, and tranquility in the border regions in Ethiopia and Somaliland.

The recent meeting comes few days after a similar meeting was in Gabeliy town, Somaliland.




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