President orders fight against human trafficking


He expresses angry emotions on child’s grizzly murder
By M.A. Egge
The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has directed that human traffickers or their syndicates be apprehended and eradicated respectively.
The Head of State equally ordered for a servere penalty to be subjected to culprits such that the vice may be nipped at the bud.
H.E. Ahmed Silanyo gave the directions at the weekly cabinet meeting on Thursday in which the discussions on the plight of the youth in the country overrode their normally slated agendas, especially in the aftermath of this week’s perishing of hundreds of youth in the Mediterranean high seas while enroute to Europe.
A sizeable number of the deaths in the sunken boat was of Somaliland youth.
In a press release by the Presidential Spokesman Mr. Shamah Sh. Abdirahman Elmi Fahiye the President was similarly moved and at the same time angered by a grizzly death of a 12 year old boy who was butchered mercilessly in Ballidiig.
The President expressed his shock hence exclaimed “From God we came and to God shall we return! A twelve year old?! Oh anything will be seen!”
The emotional expression came after the Minister of State for Interior gave the report hence revealed that the perpetrator was apprehended by a combined force of the area security personnel and residents as he bolted, trying to escape.
According to the Press release the ministers dwelt on defending the administration’s track record as concerns empowering the youth.
They maintained that the state organs, e.g. the security services and private institutions had absorbed many youth in recent times. They said that 100% of employments targeted the youth.
The council of cabinet ministers stated that contrary to opposition claims, the track record of the government towards this end was self-explicit and that the allegations were malacious.
As concerns the human trafficking or illegal immigration to overseas, they said that it was not a problem unique to Somaliland, but to the world as a whole.
“The Europeans illegally migrate within their continent, the South Americans go to the north”, said the press release. It seriously affects Africa too.
The Education minister revealed at the meeting that the Burao Technical College will be reopened soon hence called for the establishment of more polytechnic centres.
They praised the youth for calling for the deaths in the high seas not to be politicized.
The meeting saw the need for a wide range of feassibility studies be made on the ways of means to stop illegal human trafficking to be made by the concerned line ministries through the technical committee of ministers constituted before by the President regarding such issues.
This is the first time that a press circular from the Presidency descriptively report on the emotions at a cabinet meeting to underscore the impact of an issue being pondered upon.


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