$25,000 raised at Fundraising for New Learning Centre for Children with Autism


$25,000 raised at Fundraising for New Learning Centre for Children with Autism

By Goth Mohamed Goth

A well-attended fundraising function for Hargeisa Children Learning Centre for children with disabilities was held today in Haregsa at the Green Plaza Conference hall.

Ms. Khadra Ali Egal , co-founder of Hargeisa Children Learning Centre School speaking during the ceremony Said, “Hargeisa Children Learning Centre School is a private school for children, teenagers and young adults with autism spectrum disorders (Asperger syndrome, autism, PDD-NOS) or other special needs.

“The reason me and my partners decided to start this school in the first place was because of my son who suffers from Autism, before I came to Somaliland we used to live in the United Kingdom where there is many learning facilities which cater for children with Autism but none here in the whole of Somaliland that’s why we decided to open the school,” Ms. Khadra said.

Ms. Khadra went on to say, “At the beginning we invested $35,000 dollars to start the school , the school opened on the 1st , Oct, 2015 with the first students and to date we have 25 students enrolled most of them from low income families and we plan to enroll more in the coming future.

“We have an ambitious vision for our students’ future. Our teachers and other specialists work together to develop each student’s potential to the maximum, having regard to their individual level of ability in each study subject or other activity and taking their special interests into consideration in the teaching process,” she added.

Mr. Abiib Ahmed, the director general in the Ministry of Education and Higher learning speaking during the function said ,” Somaliland Ministry of Education had introduced a new curriculum for children with Autism and has already enrolled 10 students and is looking at a new way of providing services to children and youth with special needs and their families.

Dr. Edna Aden speaking at the occasion said, “I would like thank all those involved in this noble project for their efforts and she pledged to donate a water tanker to the school.

Hon Shukri Hariir Ismail , the deputy Minister of Information and National Guidance speaking during the fund raising function said, “, We at the Information and National Guidance will launch a special radio program an autism awareness initiative dedicated to community education of developmental milestones, delays and promotion of early diagnosis and intervention for children with Autism.

Dr. Hussien Abdillahi Bulhan addressing the function said, “It’s a high time the government introduced a national policy to serve citizens with Autism and to promote community education on Autism so as to facilitate early detection and diagnosis in efforts to combat diagnostic disparities in underserved urban communities.

Hon Ali Jirde”Ali Shoobe” among the dignitaries attending the function welcomed the initiative.
The amount of $25, 000 was raised during the fundraising occasion for Hargeisa Children Learning Centre for children with disabilities.

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