President in a landmark annual constitutional address to the nation


By M.A. Egge

In a variation from the past five speeches of the Head of State to the National Assemblies Parliament, this year’s was a landmark and comprehensive one hence arguably the most pragmatic and bold in every sense.

The long time experience in top public officer came to shore as the President addressed both Houses of the Parliament in an equivalent of what the US term ‘The State of the Union addresses” in this constitutional annual speech.

H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud did not mince words as he warned that SL will forever guard her territories against enemies of the land. He cautioned ultra rightist religious extremists that ideologies incompatible with basic Islamic tenets that threaten insecurity would never be tolerated at all.

The president prioritized the aspiration of the nation hence reiterated the doubling of the efforts to be exerted in achieving the country’s objectives.

Given that the speech was given by a President who has declined his constitutional right to defend his seat hence opted to call it a day, H.E. Ahmed Silanyo has pledged to make sure that elections are held justifiably and timely. He at the same time appealed for positive mature politicking.

He once again reiterated his Elder position, which is the land’s cultural context depicts impartiality, wisdom, reconciliation, sobriety, peace, and unity for better future and posterity. He pledged the steadfastness of fighting vices, malpractice and corruption.

The President’s speeches before usually dwelt mostly on the aspects of established projects in the preceding year and plans of the successive one.

Frankly, the reverberations of the address would for a long time to come be felt and remembered, since it is the most consequential one witnessed in the history of the country’s legislative assembly.

The President is truly bent on leaving a treasured legacy of a milestone nature.

Hereunder is the full official English version translation of his 2016 constitutional address.


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