Buri reiterates KULMIYE support, decries blanket use of term


By M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) A former assistant minister has taken issue with the blanket use of his community’s name, saying that though literal, it necessarily did not practically depict everyone.

Following a recent report of members from his clan having politically jumped ship and sojourned at Wadani from KULMIYE Mr. Mahdi Osman Buri said that, “The Gaboye community are not hostages to any individual”.

He said that it was not the whole community who decamped elsewhere. Reiterating his support for the ruling party, he said, “I and a formidable group are in Kulmiye and support our party wherein lies our interests”.

He said that there was no any community who joined a single political grouping en masse, and as such, the use of the name of the clan was a gross misnomer.

He however said that every individual had the basic political rights in exercising their choices of preferences. The former assistant health minister in the past administration on the other hand appealed to the president to address the plight of the minority communities, his Gaboye clan being the major one amongst them.

“The plight of the communities cut across all parties, hence needed to be addressed”, was how he framed his appeal.


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