Somaliland’s golden opportunity for Global Law Summit


Somaliland has received direct invitation for the global law summit
in which Somaliland Attorney general Hassan Ahmed Adan and
Ambassador Ali Adan Awale has attended an international law
conference in London alongside Justice Ministers and Attorney
Generals from around the world.

Somaliland can benefit from
such high level summits
through introducing who we
are and what we have achieved so
far, and that is the message Attorney
general of Somaliland Hassan Ahmed Adan has delivered to his
fellow officials around the globe.
What is the conference of Global
Law Summit about?
The Global law summit, launched
by Secretary of State for Justice andLord Chancellor, the Rt. Hon.
Chris Grayling MP, is a unique
one-off high level business forum
supported by the legal profession,
business and government.
Unlike other legal conferences,
the summit will bring together
a mix of practitioners,
business leaders, public sector
decision makers and government
officials from around the
world to discuss, debate, and
develop relationships across
markets and jurisdictions.
The summit is being held in February
2015 to mark 800 years since
the sealing of Magna Carta. It is a
unique opportunity to commemorate,
celebrate and embrace 800
years of legal history which have inspired
lawyers and non-lawyers
alike for generations.
The three-day conference
programme is being led by world
class speakers, experts and decision
makers, and is unique in
grounding the legacy and values ofMagna Carta in a firmly 21st Century
Joined 2,000 delegates from law
firms, governments, and business,
as well as in-house General Counsel
and legal academics from
around the world to:
• Celebrate judicial traditions
and the fundamental importance
of impartiality, integrity and fairness
• Champion the Rule of Law as
the cornerstone of a fair and just
• Offer a platform for thought-leadership
and cutting-edge debate, and
• Facilitate business networks
and access to key industry decision
Using London as the backdrop for
the event, with its unrivalled history
and status as the global center of
excellence, this is the event for 2015
for business and the legal profession.
Omer Mohamed Jama
Bristol UK
Page 4 Sunday THT news 1, March 2015
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