The Current on-going Talks may Face Many Difficulties-Hersi


Minister incharge of Presidential AffairsHon Hersi Ali Haji Hassan currently in Istanbul, Turkey has in his social media page (Facabook) expressed his frustrations with the ongoing talks between Somaliland and the federal government of Somalia due to lack of any productive outcome any time they meet.Hon Hersi Ali Haji Hassan stated ,
“The republic of Somaliland reached agreements on several points during the seven previous meetings with the federal government
of Somalia officials but since then one point has being honored and considering this fact , it would impossible for the talks to continue.
“This is the eighth time Somaliland officials are engaging face to face SFG officials, five times here in Turkey and one each in the UK, UAE, and Djibouti. Although Somaliland is committed to the dialogue process, which we hope will resolve future relations with the country of Somalia”, he said.The Presidential Affairs Minister added, “The two sides agreed “to not politicise humanitarian assistance
and to collectively encourage reconstruction projects.” They also agreed to fulfill previous agreements on management of the country’s airspace, acknowledged the “pain inflicted upon the people of Somaliland by the military regime in Somalia before the year 1991,safeguarding human rights, co-operating on security, and to unite against terrorism, piracy and organised crime none of this has being honored to date.
Hon Hersi Ali Haji Hassan concluded by saying, “The current ongoing talks may face many difficulties due to lack of implementation of what has already been agreed upon for instance the Presidents of Somaliland and Somalia during their last meeting in Djibouti agreed on the fact that issues that have being dealt with be respected and imperative issues delved into; Thus issues pertaining to Somaliland Sovereignty and adhering to addressed issues.


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