Visiting Japanese Delegation Inspect Various Development Projects in the country


Japanese Envoy Inspecting Development Projects in Lalays in Sahil Region


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa (THT) -A high level delegation from the Japan embassy in Kenya led by Ambassador Mikio Mori and flanked by M. Yamana Yuki-First Secretary and head of Economic section Embassy of Japan in Kenya,the first ever to Somaliland.

During the four day stay in the country the delegation visited various parts of the country to inspect humanitarian projects that are supported and funded by government of Japan in Hargiesa and Sahil regions such as the UNCIEF supported Water, Hygiene and Sanitation projects in Dheenta and Lalleyska villages.

The team visited UNCIEF supported Child Stabilization center located at Hargeisa main hospital located in MaroodiJeex region .The center treats malnourished children and those suffering from severe medical complication.

On the way to Berbera the delegation visited Water projects located in Dheenta village where they were shown how the communities there benefit from a solar powered water supply system set up by UNICEF and supported by Japan hence providing communities living in the area with abundant water supply. Such projects have also being implemented in the nearby Laleys village also in Sahil region.

In Sheekh town, Sahil region, the delegation visited the East African renowned Sheikh Veterinary School which draws students from also the neighboring countries like Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. Funds provided by the Japan government have being used for the construction of a state of the art laboratory and the setting up a Bio Gas facility.

The delegation managed to meet with the locals leaders in Sheekh and was impressed of how the country has progressed over the years with little outside help.

Currently Japan government does not directly support Somaliland instead it channels such assistance through International Organizations working in the area such as the UN however the Japanese envoy and Somaliland official discussed the possibilities of how in the future the government of Japan can channel it assistance to the country through the Somaliland Development fund(SDF).


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