President Silanyo Receives Visiting Japanese Delegation


Hargeisa (THT) H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo today received visiting high level delegation from the Japan embassy in Kenya led by Ambassador Mikio Mori and included MrYamana Yuki-First Secretary and Head of Economic section Embassy of Japan in Kenya at the Presidential Palace.

President Silanyo and Japanese Ambassador held lengthy discussions in which they explored ways to enhance future bilateral relation between the Somaliland and the Japanese Government

Ambassador Mikio Mori speaking to reporters at a press conference said, “My Colleague and I have been delighted as well as excited with me visit to Somaliland from Sunday, 23 November till today and to interact with a substantial number of Somalilanders during our four day stay.

I first and foremost would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNCIEF Somaliland for helping us to make this visit happen.

I just had the honor of meeting H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo for very fruitful exchange of views on issues of mutual interests concern. We together could review the outstanding friendship between peoples of Japan and Somaliland .I thank H.E President Silanyo for sharing his insights with me.

In my trip, I visited Hargeisa ,Berbera ,as well as Sheik where we had the opportunity to see and evaluated a few of the Japan funded projects and appreciate the ongoing development efforts in Somaliland . Our Visit this time , I believe , will serve a firm foundation to further enhance and expand the amicable relation existing between our two peoples.


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