The New National Electoral Commission gets Parliamentary Approval


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The national assembly has today overwhelmingly approved Somaliland national electoral commission after a long delay in reaching the decision.

Mr. Said Ali Muse, veteran journalist who member of the incoming NEC welcomed the decision by the national electoral commission.

After a delay in the consideration of the appointment of the new NEC because of internal disputes at the House of Representatives which were finally sorted out.

Out of the 70 members present at the time 69 members voted in for and none against without any abstentions, the speaker didn’t voted.

The House of parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of bill today, 29 November 2014, the following as the new NEC members.

The seven new NEC members are:

Mr. Said Ali Muse

Mr. Mohamed  Jama Mohamed

Ms. Kaltun Sh. Hassan Abdi

Mr. Mahmoud  HassanWacays

Mr. AbdulqadirImanWarsame

Mr. Abdirahaman Osman Aadan (Sagal)

Mr. Abdifatah Ibrahim Warsame


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