Selel Court Hands Down Various Sentences to 25 Illegal Immigrants


By Goth Mohamed Goth

A court in Saylac has handed over various sentenced a least 25would be illegal immigrants of were recently caught as there were about to board boats in a bid to immigrated to foreign countries in the islands of Sacadin and Eebaad earlier this week.

The court heard how Somaliland coastal guards units who were on routine patrol came across 25 illegal immigrants and a Somaliland citizen trying to board a boat in an isolated beach in the islands Sacadin and Eebaad situated in the country western coast ,Selel region

Somaliland have on numerous times in the past being able to apprehend illegal immigrants who had entered the country illegally from neighboring countries with intentions of boarding boats headed to countries in the Middle East.

The judge also urged the head of Somaliland police force to provide 4×4 utility vehicles to the coastal guards units so as to enable them to patrol the vast stretches of beachs in Awdal and Selal Regions.

Lastly the Selel coastal guard’s chief said, “Somaliland coastal guards have in the past two months increased the number of Patrols in the western coast.


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