Be wary of political winds of agitation, former President Rayale cautions Awdal residents


By M.A. Egge

The Third President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Dahir Rayale Kahin has once again caution Somalilanders and residents of Awdal regional in particular to be wary of Somalia and rest assured that indulgences with them are detrimental to the aspirations of the nation.

The largely respected former head of state was speaking at a function on Tuesday held in his honour whose luncheon was thrown by Sultan Abdiwahab Egge Hassan.

Attendees who graced the luncheon included the Minister of Trade of Somaliland who is the Vice Presidential candidate of the Kulmiye Party in the upcoming elections, the Minister of Education, Director of Civil Service, Deputy Minister of Information, Members of Parliament and other invited guests.

The former president talked about his honorable role in promoting democracy and establishing the electioneering processes in the country.

He warned Awdalians not to fall prey to what he termed as ‘political whirl winds that sought stirring the community to agitations”.

He urged them to maintain and preserve the stability and harmonious setting that they cherish and prevail hence coaxed them to take the part duly in the chores of nation building.

He pointed out that the Awdal community playing an important role in the government, visibly well represented in the administration of the day and that they ought to take their cue in achieving progress.

He noted that the ill-fated union with the Mogadishu government 64 year ago was detrimental to Somaliland for they are never just nor righteous and only out to engulf Somaliland.

He made it clear that they were not sincere before nor will they ever be, in equitably distributing resources.

Furthermore, he quipped, ‘I solemnly believe that the next three decades would see Somalia in quagmires and political doldrums hence they will never ever hold free and fair elections’.

He made it clear that the country needs nothing from Somalia and it is capably charting its future and aspirations unhindered.

He noted that the political retrogressive and de-capacitating intricacies in Somalia is deep-rooted and has no remedies in the near future at all.