The Government of Somaliland congratulates new British Premier Sir Keir Starmer on his triumph


Somaliland rep in the UK has also sent congratulatory message to Premier Starmer on the occasion of his election to lead the country

By M.A. Egge

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland has lauded the just elected new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Sir Keir Starmer for his triumph, in which the Labour party trounced the Tories’ Conservatives at the polls.

In the congratulatory statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland that reached our news desk that welcomed the stewardship of the new premier, the government of Somaliland said that it expected that Sir Keir Startmer will promote and steer further the relationship between Somaliland and the UK and the traditional cooperation between the two sides.

On the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, Dr. Issa Keyd Mohamud sent a congratulatory message to MP Gavin Williamson who was re-elected to his position as a Member of Parliament after retaining his seat.

Minister Issa Keyd described MP Gavin Williamson as a great friend of the nation who has been supporting the cause and independence of the Republic of Somaliland for a long time, having maintained in international forums and in his country that Somaliland has both the legal and moral rights in its aspirations and deserves to be internationally recognized as a bona-fide sovereign state.

In essence, the new Prime Minister of the British Empire is expected to continue and improve hence strengthen the traditional relationship and friendship between the UK and Somaliland.

The new premier has already named his cabinet and was scheduled to hold their first meeting on Saturday morning.

The appointments see the firebrand former Labour leader come back to lead the plum energy docket and Barrister Shabana Mohamoud saddles in the sensitive justice docket.

The 30 House of Commons MPs who are in the cross-party Friends of Somaliland forum, with Gavin Williamson being at the forefront, have reportedly been said to have recaptured their seats of their constituencies.