Do not be hoodwinked by “Greater Somalia” dream again, Minister Sulub tells Somalilanders


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Animal Husbandry and Rural Development of Hon. Saeed Sulub Mohamed, has called upon all Somalilanders of all walks of lfe, the young, the old and sundry to jealously guard the essence of the nationhood cherished and not be hoodwinked and swayed again into the dream of “Greater Somalia” in the name of ‘Somali-ness’.

As concerns the essence of belonging as far as the ‘Somali’ factor was concerned, the minister noted that Somaliland was formidably at the forefront in zealously fighting for it, whether it concerned the independence of Somaliland itself, the battles in then northern frontier district of Kenya, those of the Italian Somaliland of Mogadishu, that of Somali state of Ethiopia or indeed in the struggles for the independence of Djibouti itself.

He said the same zealousness of the greater Somalia propelled Somaliland to join an ill-fated union with the South, a decision that has since been drastic but which have jolted the country back from the “Greater Somalia” stupor hence re-asserted and re-established its sovereignty.

He was quite convictional that Somaliland would not be taken for granted anymore nor shall its limelight not be used by others to bask on in the name of the “Somali” factor to the detriment of the nation.

He said that “Somalia should stop clinging to us as Somaliland was, and is, a completely different entity”.

He pointed out that Somalia did fervently cling to Somaliland with its main reason being to bask in the latter’s limelight.

The minister appealed to Somalilanders, wherever they are, to continue being united and rally in solidarity in defense of the nation.