Hargeisa Hospital has expanded and modernized its Blood Bank department


By M.A. Egge

The Hargeisa General Hospital has expanded and modernized the blood department of the hospital which plays an important role in saving lives.

The blood department of the Hargeisa General Hospital is a place that works for people in emergency capacities, those who are suffering from anemia (whatever the causes) since it is indeed where the patients can get immediate blood transfusions timely and swiftly.

Its centrifugation and associated separation blood plasma fractionation needs have been equipped with modern appliances and facilities to cater for the swift and tentative services at higher skills and levels.

A press release from the office of the Hargeisa General Hospital has detailed the expansion and modernization of the blood department and it reads as follows:-

“We have expanded and modernized the Blood Bank Department of Hargeisa Group Hospital.

The Blood Bank is the country’s largest blood bank serving the community of Hargeisa and its surrounding areas.

It is a place to serve patients suffering from anemia and those who need blood transfusions.

It is the only blood fractionation centrifugal storage facility”

In recent times, the hospital has been undergoing renovation and modernization of all its various departments and its capacity buildings.