Former NEC chair wonders why opposition parties are rejecting optical biometric identification whereas they had earlier embraced its use


By M.A. Egge

The former chairman of the Somaliland National Electoral Commission Mr. Abdirashid Mohamud Ali Riyo-Raa’ has wondered why the opposition fraternities are against the use of optical biometric identification system whereas they had once embraced its introduction and use.

He averred that the said system was instrumentally quite appropriate in enhancing and achieving a very free and fair election.

The former chair made his sentiments in the wake of ping pong arguments either for and/or against the use of the optical identification system in the upcoming presidential and national political parties’ and organizations’ elections due in November.

He said it was an important tool for the nation and a progressive development in the electioneering processes especially given the past elections that the country has gone through.

He recalled that when he headed the NEC they had opted for that same system and had then consulted with the political parties who indeed embraced the idea.

He wondered why the same political fraternities are making an about turn and rejecting it whereas it would have been a a plus for the achievement of the efforts of thee realization of a totally free and fair election.

He described the use of the equipment in the country as a step that the Somaliland would have reached before the rest of the world.