The visible aura of national festivities is starker than ever before


By M.A. Egge

The nation is in preparatory mood of observing the 33rd anniversary of the commemoration of the 18th May celebrations 2024.

Any foreign visitor who jets into Somaliland, would instantly think that there was a major celebration underway, or festivities are already in the process going on all over the country.

Indeed, given distinctly stark the aura and celebratory mood, yes, a major celebration that has captivated the populaces this year is expected to be held, marked and commemorated more than it ever had.

The 18th May national celebrations that the country has always annually marked to honour the day the nation re-asserted and re-established its independence is this year felt, palpitated and expected with more enthusiasm and anxiety than ever before.

The triple coloured national flag of green at the top, white in the middle and red at the bottom, which has the writing of the basic Fundamental Islamic Creed, the Tawheed, written at the top and a black star at the center has adorned and dotted every public and private place, atop buildings, on vehicles and as taylor-made dresses.

The aspirations of the populaces for the endeavours of their hopes, wishes and wants as far as the Republic  of Somaliland is concerned, is more evident than ever.

The forces public parade in the itinerary is expected to be the biggest and largest the country has yet witnessed 33 years down the line.

The anniversary which is still a fortnight away has strongly been felt at the market which has done more than ample sales from miniature flags to billboards, t-shirts and assorted dresses and patriotic materials and gears.

The most sold items in the country’s markets in the month of May are the Somaliland flag and the materials to celebrate the 18th of May, and every place and every business is waving the tricolor flag.

People’s feelings are similar when you see how happy they are that one might be mistaken to assume that the main event ws to be held the following day!