All Somalilanders from east to west have, share the same destiny and aspirations, says Rayale


-He scoffs at diasporans who misuse social media in efforts to plant seeds of discord

-He calls for harmonious solidarity unity and sense of belonging as a nation

By M.A. Egge

The former president of Somaliland H.E. Dahir Rayale Kaahin has disclosed that the government of Somaliland is convicted to construct the Lughaya port and that the Office of the Presidency will pay the first million USD fund injection to the project.

He at the same time scoffed and told off diasporans who try to foment insurgencies through the social media terming their efforts to be in utter futility.

He called for harmonious solidarity unity and sense of belonging as a nation.

The former president who is held in high esteem across the country also prevailed upon naysayers who hail from his region from distracting the residents from the cause of the nation’s aspirations.

H.E. Rayale made the revelations as he made an unprecedented political public address in Borama, Awdal region for the first time in fourteen years since he left office.

The meeting which was indeed large was attended by the Minister Trade and that of Council Relations and Constitution, Awdal regional government officials, cultural traditional and contemporary leaders, scholars and eminent personalities and a audiences from the social sectors.

He gave a long speech that highlighted the gist of the meeting as being one to rally the populaces of the region together in upholding the essence of belonging as a nation.

In emphasizing the seriousness and magnitude he had for the meeting pointed out, “This is the first time that I am holding such a meeting with the leaders of the Awdal fraternity in fourteen years’ time”.

He decried and condemned the unnecessary calamities and upheavals that has been ruffling over time and advised on the ways and means of combatting them.

He lamented that the use of social media to plant seeds of discord within the community has reached a virulent high and that it should be not lend credence.

He told off diaspora community who hail from Awdal and foment insurgency that they have no future at all in playing to the whims of the Mogadishu government.

He stated that the situation of the former Italian colony was rife with constant political turbulences, upheavals, disorganization and pandemonium hence are on the verge of disintegration.

He was categorical that the future of the people was with their nation of Somaliland where they belong and ought to have their sense of belonging and aspirations.

He said that Somalilanders in both the eastern and western parts of the country share the same destiny.

In driving his point home, H.E. Rayale noted that when the country re-asserted its independence back in1991 there was only one secondary school in Awdal region, that is Sheikh Bashir which he said was built through volunteering; and that in comparison, today there were the higher institutions of learning and secondary schools in every town centres.

Indeed, the region is regarded as the seat and crème of education in the country, as it is dubbed the “home of intellectuals”.

H.E. Rayale said that the government of Somaliland is committed to the construction of Lughaya port, and stressed that the first million will be paid by the president.