Young Somali saleswoman goes viral for professional response, earns recognition


Deeqa Mohamed Muse, a Somtel employee in Puntland, Somalia, went viral for her response during a voxpop interview. While working a normal day, Deeqa participated in a street interview and politely redirected a political question to focus on her expertise – Somtel’s telecommunications products and services. This demonstration of professionalism and dedication resonated with viewers online. Somtel is a leading telecommunications company in Somalia.

Deeqa’s moment in the spotlight came when a video of the interview went viral online. Viewers were impressed by her polite redirection of the conversation to Somtel’s products and services. When the journalist persisted, Deeqa remained focused, replying again, “Don’t ask me about politics, ask me about Somtel.” She then continued to advertise Somtel’s offerings.

Deeqa’s exceptional customer service and marketing skills caught the attention of Mr. Abdirashid Duale, CEO of Dahabshil Group, Somtel’s parent company. In recognition of her dedication and talent, Mr. Duale awarded Deeqa a brand new car, a medal, and a permanent position at Somtel.

At the award ceremony, an emotional Deeqa expressed her gratitude to Somtel and Dahabshil for the gift. She also stated that she hadn’t expected the video to go viral and lead to such a fortunate outcome. In just a few days after coming into the limelight, Deeqa amassed an impressive 34k followers on her TikTok account.

In many countries, including Somalia, young people often struggle to find jobs even after completing their studies. In recent years, many young people in Somalia have turned to social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook to market their skills, products, and talents. This approach has proven successful for those who break through, like Deeqa, who has achieved fame and potential sponsorship opportunities.

Deeqa’s case is a success story that showcases the power of dedication, confidence, and using social media to one’s advantage. It demonstrates how these qualities can lead to success and positive life changes.