The Consensus of the Parties Leads Somaliland to the Implementation of the Elections, says Chairman of SONSAF


By M.A. Egge

The chairman of the umbrella of civil society organizations, SONSAF, Mr. Anwar Abdirahman Warsame, welcomed the recent meetings held by Somaliland parties describing them as a positive way-forward.

He pointed out that the roundtable inter-party meetings were necessary to guide the country towards the elections for the presidency and political parties scheduled for November 24th at the end of this year 2024.

The chairman of SONSAF said this in a statement he issued and published on their Facebook website. It read as follows:-

“The meeting and the understanding reached by the national political parties in the last few days is one that reflects the interest of the nation and is based on the facts and circumstantial needs in Somaliland today, hence is an important step that will ultimately lead the country to elections held on time.

“I once again congratulate the national political parties for showing patriotism and courage, underlining once again that the only way Somaliland can move forward is through dialogue, listening, persuasion and unity.

“I hope that the processes of the elections will be completed, so that the country can overcome the controversy of the elections that has been going on for a long time.” End.