British Somaliland communities greatly support the Somaliland -Ethiopia MoU agreement as they depict in UK demo


By M.A. Egge

The Somaliland diaspora communities in the UK have shown great support for the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia in London by underscoring it in a picketing demo held in London.

Thousands of people that included young people, women, children, intellectuals, and scholars of all ages from all the cities in the UK demonstrated on Saturday.

The purpose of the picketing organized by the Somaliland embassy in the UK and diverse British communities was to underpin to the British government and by extension the whole world that the existence and independence of Somaliland is not negotiable, and that the international community ought to acknowledge the fact.

Some of the people who participated in the demonstration who spoke to the media said that their country (Somaliland) was an independent nation that already has agreements entered with foreign nations and would continue doing so as necessitated by its sovereign interests.

“The agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia as concerns their reciprocated interests was imperative to be implemented and not Somalia nor any other country or entity may hinder it.

Ambassador of Somaliland to the UK Abdi Abdillahi Dayahweerar who addressed the multitude who participated in the demos called on them to redouble their support for the sovereign independence of their country, Somaliland.

The demonstration was also attended by members of the British Parliament who greatly support the cause of Somaliland’s independence, who notably included MP Gavin Williamson.

The gathering is expected to further strengthen the efforts of the Somaliland government and the resolve of the community to achieve its aspirations and have the nation join the international communities as deserved.