Sagaljet becomes a pacesetter in terms of success as it celebrates its 17th Anniversary


A well-organized event that was held on Friday night at Grand Haadi Hotel to commemorate the 1th anniversary of the Sagaljet company since its inception saw profound praises heaped on the institution in the manner they handle their business hence have come of age with progress.

Various eminent guests who spoke at the forum all acknowledged that the Sagaljet company is an example of Somaliland’s developmental successes.

“I admit that Sagaljet is successful and one of the most prominent companies in the country today”, said Abdiaziz Samale the Kulmiye party deputy chair.

Similarly the KAAH political organization chair noted, “I appreciate that the company honours its employees every year, and it is an example that deserves to be emulated.”

“If you see a company or a private business fledge, you should know that it has the welfare of its employees at heart”, said politician Su’ad Ibrahim.

It is worth noting that the Sagaljet company is most noted in the nation for being foremost in acknowledging its staffers and prioritizes their welfare hence honours them with awards year in year out.

The head of work and workers at Sagaljet Mohamed Mohamud, said that “the real core of the company are the workers who are the driving force behind its success and who has brought it to this level”.

The chairman of Sagaljet Mr. Abdi Yusuf Aar, who spoke on the occasion, said that the company’s employees are not the only ones who are currently at work but notes the contribution of the previous staffers.

“Sagaljet is not only for those who are at work presently but it is grateful to all the employees who participated in the company’s history and contributed to its development and success.”

Sagaljet company presented various awards to the employees and other members on the occasion.

Abdihakin Mohamed Dahir was chosen as the best employee of the Sagaljet company for the year.

The Sagaljet company especially honored Hibo Nura, a non employee, who has on her part immensely educated mothers.