Support for the MOU signed by the President of Somaliland and the Ethiopian Prime Minister


We commend the President of Somaliland and the Ethiopian Prime Minister for their vision and leadership in signing this MoU. We believe that this agreement will serve as a foundation for deeper collaboration and contribute to the advancement of peace, stability, and prosperity in the region.

The civil society of Somaliland is urging the President of Somalia to take decisive steps towards resolving the conflict with Somaliland. They are calling upon President Hassan Sh. Mohamoud to reconsider the approach to this longstanding issue by abandoning diplomatic isolation, economic and trade restrictions, and political pressure. Instead, they are requesting that the President recognize Somaliland as an independent entity before the Ethiopian Prime Minister officially does so.

Recognizing Somaliland as an independent entity would have far-reaching implications for regional peace and stability. It would create an opportunity to establish formal diplomatic relations, fostering increased dialogue, cooperation, and collaboration on critical issues such as security, trade, and counterterrorism efforts.

The benefits of recognizing Somaliland extend beyond the region itself. Regional stability is a shared interest, and resolving the conflict between Somalia and Somaliland would contribute to a more peaceful Horn of Africa. It would create an environment conducive to regional integration and cooperation, attracting investments and facilitating cross-border trade.

Therefore the time has come for the President of Somalia to heed the call of Somaliland’s civil society and take decisive action for a brighter future for both Somalia and Somaliland.

Eng.  Ahmed Adare