Former UK Foreign Secretary Zac Goldsmith calls on the Britain to recognize Somaliland


By M.A. Egge

The former UK Foreign Secretary, Zac Goldsmith, urged the British government to recognize the cause of the Republic of Somaliland, as the condition was that the first country to recognize JSL should be African.

“This matter (the understanding between Somaliland and Ethiopia) is good news for the Government of Somaliland and its people. If I am the former UK Foreign Minister, it has always been clear to me that we will recognize the independence of Somaliland when an African country recognizes it. I hope that now the UK will act on the independence of Somaliland,” said Zac Goldsmith in a post on his X (Twitter).

Meanwhile MP Gavin Williamson from the British Parliament had earlier on said he was happy that Ethiopia would “be the first country in Africa to declare ‘Recognition of Somaliland’”.

MP Gavin Williamson who is a big supporter of the Somaliland issue, and previously presented a motion related to the recognition of Somaliland in the UK Parliament, said on his X (Twitter) how impressed he was with the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

The MP also argued that the UK has not done anything on the issue of Somaliland for a long time.