Minister Habane presides over monthly ministerial and agricultural line-agencies meeting


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Agriculture Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Habane presided over the monthly meeting of the ministry and its partner organizations

This meeting, which is held once a month, monitors the ongoing projects managed by the Ministry and organized by the agricultural planning department. Present were Deputy Minister of Agriculture Hon. Mohamud Warsame Jama, Director General Adan Abdillahi Sheikh, departmental directors and representatives of line agencies.

The director of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, JSL Abdiqani Gallaydh, explained the purpose of the meeting, saying that it was intended to inquire about the development activities under the directions of the Ministry of Agriculture and the partner organizations.

“It is important for monitoring and informing about important activities related to the development of Agricultural Production”, he said.

Both Hon. Mohamud Warsame Jama, and Adan Abdillahi Sheikh Muse took time to welcome the heads of the line agencies who attended the meeting.

They presented the achievements of the cooperation between the Ministry and the International Organizations and the United Nations in the country, elaborated on the projects in hand.

In conclusion, the of meeting the minister Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Habbane, underscored the imperativeness of holding such meetings for the better performance and progress of efforts to develop the agricultural sector in the country by boosting farming.

He pointed out that the cooperation between the Ministry and the line agencies in the country should be strengthened to cooperate in the development of the community, especially the farmers for whom they are responsible for.

In particular, the meeting was presented with data collected from farms in some regions of the country that were damaged by the rains and locusts that broke out along the coast of Somaliland.

In order to prevent locusts, and to deal with the effects of fields that were damaged by the rains, a committee was set up to evaluate the issue.