City residents endeared by regional police commander’s efforts through rapport to combat crime


By M.A. Egge

The Somaliland National Police Force has won accolades from a section of the members of the public for the manner that they are trying to build rapport with the residents in order to foster collaboration and bolster peaceful stability.

The move which has been widely welcomed and praised by the community follows the efforts of the Commander of the Eastern Division of Maroodi-jeeh region Colonel Suleiman Duale Warsame (Ubahle) who has initiated endearing the members of the public through speeches that he addresses in mosques to the community in the mosques of the capital city, urging the residents to work together to strengthen the security.

Of note is a citizen named Mohamed Khalif who praised him on his FB page saying, “Tonight, (Wednesday night of the 06 Dec, 2023) after the Maghrib prayer at the mosque where he spoke to the community, Commander Suleiman Duale urged the congregation to cooperate with the security of the capital, and at the same time urged the parents to be aware of their children”.

Mohamed Khalif continued, “It is really an appropriate awareness effort that he started in the most deserved sites, hitherto uncharted, that can be most impactful”.

He further stated, “The community that prayed in the mosque thanked the commander since it was evident that he sincerely wants the community to play a role in strengthening the overall security of the country, especially the part he is responsible for. I understand that he gave similar sermons in other Hargeisa city mosques and has endeared himself and his department to many a people”.

Numerous acknowledgements of the commander’s efforts has been echoed by many the city residents, according to our sources.

The action of the Col. Suleiman comes after various directives of the Chief Police Commander Major General Mohamed Aden Saqahi in general to the force, and in particular to the sectional commanders, to bolster and strengthen public security in the regions and districts of the country.