Development is realized in a situation of stable security, says Agriculture Minister


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Agriculture Development Hon. Abdiqadir Iman Warsame, spoke about the needful importance of stable security for the development of the country and made a promise of development of the sector to the country’s farmers.

Minister Abdiqadir who gave a long speech at the commemoration of the World Food Day on October 16 held by the Ministry of Agriculture in Berbera, said that the Ministry will soon start a 5-year project in the Sahil, Dad-madeed and parts of the Togdeer regions, which will cost Millions of dollars courtesy of the German Development Bank KFW.

He said that for such prospects on the development to be made across the nation, it was imperative that stability in terms of security should be maintained.

Minister Abdiqadir said that the Soil and Water Economic Project that the KFW bank helped in Somaliland was supposed to start in September this year, but it was interrupted when the insurgencies occurred and armed gunmen took foothold on the Gaanlibaah Mountains.

The insurgent tensions have since been detonated and the members disbanded.

He said that a pilot project dabbed BG was successfully completed at 19 centers between Gebilay and Hargeisa hence the achievements convinced the KFW to further support the country.

He said that the efforts are tailored to make the nation a formidable wheat growing country.


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