Military dispatched to El-Afweyn as government decries repeated fatal clashes


By M.A. Egge

The government has decried the repeated insecurity in the El-Afweyn district of Sanaag region and dispatched security personnel to the area.

A press release by the interior ministry’s media and public relations director Abdillahi Ahmed A’arshe expressed the state’s regrets of the recurring clashes and revealed that military personnel have been dispatched to the area to safeguard public security.

It also warned that from now henceforth stern measures would be taken against those trotting weaponry.

“The Government has put a lot of efforts into ending the conflict between the brotherly communities of the area including concerted efforts by Somaliland’s intellectuals, such as the clergy, traditional and contemporary leaders and eminent personalities”, said the statement.

It continued, “The government sends its condolences to those who died in the El-Afweyn conflicts, and wishes for speedy recovery to the injured”.

“The government of the Republic of Somaliland, while carrying out its responsibility to protect and maintain public security and save the lives of its people, has deployed a strong force of the National Armed forces to El-Afweyn district to curtail the constant bloodshed and strife perpetrated by wayward individuals who have made it norm”, said the statement.

Noting that the forces have their obligations to undertake, the state believes that the El-afweyn clashes that frequently recur is denting the nation’s image by being a gangrenous wound which is ought to be treated.

The Governor of Sanaag Region, the Regional Security Committee and the Police Force are part of the security operation in El-Afweyn area.

“The National armed Forces have orders to take strict action against anyone who is seen with weapons and associated armoured vehicles”, warned the statement.

The interior ministry called on the members of the public to cooperate with the military in matters of security, and help them to bring before the law anyone who breaches peaceful stability of the country.



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